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  • Please be advised, ife/iup cannot make any warranties that the program is free of errors. Users are encouraged to send bug reports to SCIATRAN support team.

License agreement

  • SCIATRAN is a property of the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) / Institute of Remote Sensing (IFE), University of Bremen, Germany.
  • Any commercial use of the program or its parts is prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to redistribute the program or its parts.
  • IUP/IFE shall be informed by your site in written form if results obtained with SCIATRAN are to be published.
  • The program developers must be properly acknowledged in any publication based on the results obtained with the SCIATRAN software.
  • Registration for SCIATRAN

Main Package

  • Attention! You will need the LAPACK/BLAS FORTRAN Library installed on your computer to get SCIATRAN compiled.
  • Attention! For some retrieval modes you will need the GALAHAD Quadratic Programming Library installed on your computer
  • Latest fully featured version: SCIATRAN 4.5.5 /Release date: 17 November, 2021/



SCIATRAN working group
Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
Unversity of Bremen, Germany