SCIAMACHY science products

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  • In addition, at IUP we offer campaign-related data, as well as scientific prototype algorithms to derive geophysical parameters on a daily base. Please contact us if you have specific requests.

cloud parameters (sacura)

Carbon gas research

  • Carbon gas research: The focus of the IUP CarbonGroup is to retrieveinformation on atmospheric carbon gases (focus: CO2, CH4, CO) from satellites such asSCIAMACHY and aircraft instruments such as MAMAP and to interprete the observations,e.g., in terms of surface sources and sinks (emissions and uptake). The IUP CarbonGroup is involved in a number of national, European and international projects. For example, IUP leads the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project GHG-CCI. The IUP CarbonGroup is also involved in specifying future satellites such as CarbonSat.
  • CarbonSat: In order to perform global measurements of CO2 and CH4 after SCIAMACHY we are working on the specification of a new greenhouse gas satellite mission: Carbon Monitoring Satellite – CarbonSat.

water vapour

OClO profiles

NO2 columns

  • Stratospheric and tropospheric NO2 columns are retrieved using DOAS:
  • Tropopheric NO2 is available for almost the full operational period of SCIAMACHY.
  • An novel technique to seperate tropospheric from total column is ¨limb-nadir-matching¨: for a limited period tropospheric columns using this technique are also available
  • Stratospheric NO2 is available for selected validation periods


special products

  • Illustrative and educational material and can be found under press-release ...

SCIAMACHY general information

  • Please visit our SCIAMACHY pages to learn all details about the instrument and it´s mission