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Joana Leitao Alexandre

Group at IUP:


Current Position:

PhD Student

Research Interest:

Air quality, more specifically tropospheric air pollution, analysis of satellite measurements of tropospheric NO2, evaluating the impact of aerosols in the retrieval of trace gas from satellite observations

Research Career:

March-December 2006: Austrian Research Center, Vienna, Austria (working for the NatAir project) 2004-2006: MSc. Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, Netherlands 1998-2004: Environmental Engineer, Aveiro University, Portugal

Additional Information:
Selected Publications:

Leitão, J., Richter, A., Vrekoussis, M., Kokhanovsky, A., Zhang, Q. J., Beekmann, M., and Burrows, J. P.: On the improvement of NO2 satellite retrievals – aerosol impact on the airmass factors, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 3, 475-493, doi:10.5194/amt-3-475-2010, 2010

J. Leitão, A. Heckel, A. Richter, A. Kokhanovsky and J.P. Burrows; Sensitivity Study of the Airmass Factors used for Satellite Retrievals of tropospheric NO2, CURRENT PROBLEMS IN ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION (IRS 2008): Proceedings of the International Radiation Symposium (IRC/IAMAS). AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1100, pp. 279-282, 2009
All Publications:

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